1.5 Gauge Knitting Yarn

Consinee is equipment by the most advanced Italian woolen, worsted and semi-worsted and PAFA spinning lines. Consinee has 10 Italian woolen production lines, which produce 2000tons annual capacity for pure cashmere and cashmere blend yarn. 

Consinee has 36 lines of Itlian PAFA machine,  brand new Italy SANT` ANDREA worsted production lines of 5,000 spindles and fully automatic Italy MARZOLI semi worsted production lines of 6,000 spindles.

Top Line has 1.5 Gauge Knitting Yarn in material alpaca blend yarn and Cotton Nylon Blend Yarn . 

Topline 1.5 gauge tape cotton nylon blend yarn
Topline 1.5 gauge tape cotton nylon blend yarn

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