Cashmere Yak Yarn

Yak fiber appears rich luster, natural and soft, perfect evenness, soft hand-feeling, nice elasticity, good strength, breathability and air permeability, besides the crocking resistance and warm keeping are as good as cashmere. Whether for the quality or the rarity, it can be definitely compared with cashmere as the top textile material.

Consinee supply Yak yarn ,Cashmere Yak Yarn, Yak Cashmere Blend Yarn and Merino Wool Yak Cashmere Yarn in low price and high quality. 

we have below yak yarn series for your choice:

2/16 65%Baby Wool 25% Yark10% Cashmere yarn (Woolen)- 30colors

2/26 65%Baby Wool 25%Yark10%Cashmere yarn (Woolen)- 1color

2/32 100% yak yarn (semi worsted)

CC120105: 2/26 70%yak 30% cashmere yarn

 75% mer. Wool (90`s) 25% yak yarn

popular baby merino wool yak cashmere blend yarn
popular baby merino wool yak cashmere blend yarn

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